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Ariana Dawnhawk
12 November 2008 @ 10:43 am
Thanks to the Chicago library system, I've realized Ursula K. LeGuin has a *lot* more work out there than I've read. So I am fixing this. I also finally got my hands on The Language of the Night, so here are some nifty quotes from it.

"The way of art, after all, is neither to cut adrift from the emotions, the senses, the body, etc., and sail off into the void of pure meaning, nor to blind the mind's eye and wallow in irrational, amoral meaninglessness - but to keep open the tenuous, difficult, essential connections between the two extremes. To connect. To connect the idea with value, sensation with intuition, cortex with cerebellum."

(And I would say Sticky One with Shining Body. Just sayin'. Although I also think the perception of the "extremes" is an attitude of this culture, and not actually true.)

And this, from "Talking about Writing", which I read when I was quite a bit younger and still find nifty - a response to that whole "write what you know" thing.

"Who do you think knows about my own imaginary countries, if I don't?"

That one inspired a poem awhile back.
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Ariana Dawnhawk
03 July 2008 @ 12:53 pm
Zucchini muffin from the Farmers' Market. Oh yeah. It's squishy, has cinnamon and sugar on top, and best of all, I can actually taste the zucchini, which gives it a very fresh and light taste. Nom nom nom.

Hmmm, maybe I can make my own sometime.
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Ariana Dawnhawk
25 June 2008 @ 12:43 pm
Baby Ferret Webcam!

A black-footed ferret at the National Zoo had a kit, and now you can watch them. (Scroll down the page for the FerretCam.) The baby seems more active than the mom during the day.

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Ariana Dawnhawk
22 May 2008 @ 11:32 am
I think there are stages to getting to know a place kind of like in a relationship. Specifically, New Relationship Energy and Old Relationship Energy. The NRE-equivalent is first going to a place and, well, falling in love. Everything is spiffy and new. Eventually, there's familiarity and less, "Oh holy crap! *Another* Gothic Revival-ish house! Squee!" But then...once there's a comfort level in general, one can settle in and begin to notice details again from a perspective of *knowing* the area.

At the moment, I still have a fair bit of NRE for my neighborhood, and a ton for Chicago in general. I've been here for almost a month and sometimes that fact is still surprising. :)
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Ariana Dawnhawk
12 May 2008 @ 01:31 pm
All three kittehs are on the bed, and they're *not even hissing*.

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Ariana Dawnhawk
10 May 2008 @ 08:29 am
Today is World Fair Trade Day, and this year's theme is Fair Trade + Ecology.

Stuff to check out:
Heine Brothers
Just Creations

Global Village

Chicago Fair Trade

Fair Trade Certified
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Ariana Dawnhawk
06 January 2008 @ 12:09 pm
The weather channel says it's currently *63 degrees* outside. Can we say lunch on my balcony? Oh yeah!

(And it's supposed to go to *67* tomorrow. Freaky! There shall be much walking.)
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Ariana Dawnhawk
18 November 2007 @ 07:42 pm
(Go figure.)

There's a quote I've come across a few times, about any person who wants a leadership position being unsuitable for it. (That's not it exactly, obviously.) And I think that's somehow become my default assumption - or at least that there should be this sort of resigned "Oh, if I *have* to, ok - see how reluctant I am - please put the yellow robe on me at swordpoint, thanks." (The last bit being a reference to a Chinese emperor - T'ang dynasty maybe? Sheesh I'm vague in my references tonight.) The problem with this attitude is, at least in me, it makes *genuine* reluctance hard to pick out. "Oh, I *should* help organize public rituals - hmmm, something just exploded." (To be fair, I did honestly want to at first, and mostly figured out the reluctance afterwards.)

Wanting to run/organize/lead/have some sort of office can be a "ooh shiny power!" thing, but I think it can be something else. It can be knowing that something needs to be done or that you have skills for a particular role. You might be the one who had the idea. It could be *gasp* taking responsibility.

(Which comes back to a discussion we had on the Cauldron about warrior paths and this sort of thing. "Doing what is necessary" - yeah, that.)
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Ariana Dawnhawk
04 November 2007 @ 06:31 pm
roman lolCollapse )
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Ariana Dawnhawk
I’ve known You for a long time,
I think
or perhaps just Your works
growing up “with my nose in a book”
gladly learning – teaching came later
at that intersection where ambition meets voice
and I said I was betrayed
I didn’t understand
that knowledge isn’t a competition
not a relentless treadmill
not stomachaches when math is mentioned
but beauty and wisdom
in the bones
filtered through to speech
born in silence and remaking the world.
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